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Reclaimed Oak Wine Barrel Pens

Norman Paulk, The Pen Man, makes custom pens by hand in Camas, Washington.  These pens are more than just tools for briefly written notes, tweets and chirps.  They are personally chosen or received as special gifts from someone who cares.  They are held, collected, admired, shown off and treasured.  These pens are used to express and share thoughts, convey dreams and explore visions.  

With the proliferation of computers and digital messages, Norman maintains a feeling for writing. His pens get used.  As he says, "My fingers move my pen over the paper and images appear as if directly from my imagination.  The ink from my thoughts creates pictures, words and memories.  Parts of what and who I am are superimposed onto the paper.  Even after I have walked away, part of me remains."

Click on a pen's picture for a description and, in some cases, additional photos.